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Coach Assessment Form 2021/2022

Dear Coaches,

The HKLTL takes the Coach’s Assessment seriously as one part of a series of documentation and information that is required for each new player to the HKLTL. We are looking for the Coach’s true professional opinion and evaluation of the player in question.  If a player has been confirmed to a team and the Coach’s Assessment together with other information has been submitted in bad faith, the player will immediately be removed from the team.  

Please make a comment under each skill/stroke that has been assessed to provide us with more detail and information.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me directly on christinehktennis@gmail.com or you may contact Jeannie on jeanniehktennis@gmail.com who will be handling Divisions 3-4.

Christine Boyle & Jeannie Cho
(HKLTL Registrars)


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