If you never lose then you can never appreciate the victories.

Teams and Divisions Approved as per Committee Meeting on  May, 2019 

Fall 2019/Spring 2020

Premier (10 Teams):

Clearwater Bay, Cricket Club, DB Gold, HLY, Intercons, KRC, LRC, Sakura, Sunshine, Tai Po

Division 1 (11 Teams):

American Club, Clearwater Bay, Cricket Club, DB Dolphins, DB Smash, DB Trailblazers, HLY Breakers, Joyful, LRC Classics, LRC Outlaws, Pacific Club

Division 2 (9 Teams):

AMC Bauhinias, American Club, American Club Too, DB Sky, KRC Pink Panthers, RA M&M, Red Phoenix (formerly Red Kite), Spin & Slice, TCF-HK

Division 3 (9 Teams):

AMC, American Club, CWB Smashers, CWB TT, DB Net Assets, HK Football Club, HLY (formerly Hit n' Mrs), Kiss My Ace (formerly CC Miss Hits), Parkview Attitude

Division 4 (10 Teams):

AMC Aces, American Club, CWB Diamonds, DB Mixed Nuts*, GC Champagne Girls, LRC Dragons, LRC Hot Shots, OTR Smash, The MissFits*, The Terminetters 

Division 5 (9 Teams):

CWB Simply Smashing, DB Foxes (formerly Advantage), DB Spinoffs, Glam Slams, Highly Strung, HK Cricket Club*, HKGTA, LRC Voyagers*, Mystic JD, 

* new teams

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