If you never lose then you can never appreciate the victories.

Dear Ladies,

Welcome to the 2023/24 Season of the HKLTL!

What we achieved in the past year!

Reflecting on the 2022/23 Season, we saw the full resurgence of our social activities, from the lively Christmas Tournament to the enjoyable Captains Cocktails, and the resounding success of our Annual Luncheon. Together we managed to donate HK$46,000 to Angels For Children and HK$90,000 to RUN Hong Kong. It’s also heartening to witness the majority of teams resuming their social lunches after matches, a testament to the strong camaraderie and sportsmanship that defines our league. The sportsmanship demonstrated by Captains was exceptional, with on-court incidents being resolved with common sense, resulting in no protests. This allowed the Committee to focus on our primary mission: enriching the lives of as many ladies as possible in Hong Kong through socially competitive tennis. Initiatives like the HKLTL Open Day have significantly boosted our membership, making us stronger than ever.

Bringing the HKLTL to more ladies in Hong Kong

With a record number of 16 new teams and over 100 new players joining us, our 2023/24 season is off to an impressive start, and the HKLTL now comprises a total of 60 teams! The Committee is fully committed to maintaining this growth momentum in the coming year, and we might even need to consider adding another division in the future! A heartfelt thank you to our existing teams for their unwavering loyalty and support, and a warm welcome to all the newcomers.

Continuing to maximize our enjoyment of the on-court experience

To ensure our new teams fully embrace the culture and values of the league, let’s reemphasize the importance of maximizing our on-court enjoyment. Our weekly league matches are a celebration of tennis, a space where we collectively promote good sportsmanship, foster camaraderie within our teams, and share fellowship with our opponents. Captains, in particular, are encouraged to ensure that their teammates display sportsmanlike behaviour and to approach any incidents with a calm and common-sense resolve.

Please be assured of my continuing commitment to the smooth operation of the HKLTL and to keeping a watchful eye on the need for any improvements. Here’s to a fantastic season of tennis for everyone!

Kind regards

Alison Whalley