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HKLTL Guidelines for Movement of Players within the League


New Players are defined as any individual who has not been registered on a team in the HKLTL within the past three (3) years. All New Players must submit (i) a New Player Questionnaire (NPQ) through our website, and (ii) New Players to all Divisions except Premier must have one of the HKLTL recommended Coaches submit a Coach’s Assessment. The NPQ shall be a full and complete representation of the individual’s playing history current/past in any/all tennis leagues, local and overseas. Failure of full disclosure could result in lengthy delays or even removal from the team, if already confirmed. All new players are required to be familiar with and confirm acceptance of the HKLTL Code of Conduct.


A Captain may on behalf of a player apply to the Committee for downwards regrading using a Regrading Request Form (RRF) which shall include: the player’s written consent, valid reasons for downwards regrading and such other information as the Committee may deem appropriate. The RRF must be accompanied by an independent online assessment in support of the downwards regrading from a Coach on the HKLTL Approved List. The application will be reviewed by the Committee whose decision is final.