If you never lose then you can never appreciate the victories.


While our major focus is on playing competitive tennis (and the pleasant social aspect of the post-match lunch), the HKLTL is also a philanthropic organization, having donated over $1 Million to local and overseas charities and disaster relief since 2002. Our main fund-raising comes via the Annual Luncheon Lucky Draws (75% of the donations come from this event) and the Christmas tournament. 

Over the past 12 months, we’ve donated $155,000 to Mother’s Choice from the Annual Awards lunch in May and $30,000 to the HK Youth Diabetes Action from our Christmas 2014 tournament/luncheon. Additionally, we donated $12,000 in May towards the Nepal earthquake relief efforts and $6,000 in July to the HK Cancer Fund in memory of Sherida Couch. 

Charities that the HKLTL has supported through the years include the Society for Community Organization (SoCO), Mother’s Choice, HK Youth Diabetes Action, Riding for the Disabled (RDA), The Sunbeam Children's Foundation, HKTA Junior Tennis Development program (and participated in a recycling effort for donated used shoes and racquets the TSADA Tennis Foundation Philippines), Birthday Happiness, and various regional natural disaster relief initiatives (in China, Pakistan, Indonesia, & the Philippines). 

I asked Treasurer Alison Whalley to collate all the various donations into one spreadsheet. She did a terrific job organizing the information and wrote to me thus:

“An important trend to note is the incredible increase in the amount of donations made by the HKLTL since 2012. This is primarily as a result of a bigger fund raising effort at the Annual Luncheon and I would strongly encourage this trend to continue as we are now in a position to offer a huge public service through donations because of the generosity of the ladies in the HKLTL. “ 

I couldn’t have said it better.  Thank you to all the ladies who contribute to the philanthropic efforts of the HKLTL.  Our assistance has helped change lives here in Hong Kong and in the region. 


Patricia Bilden
Chair, HKLTL
September 2015


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