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Welcome to the Hong Kong Ladies Tennis League (HKLTL)

The HKLTL is a non-profit organization comprised of women tennis players from private clubs and independent tennis team throughout Hong Kong. The league offers competitive doubles play in weekly matches during one full season in the year broken into two parts, fall running from September to December and spring running from January to April. There are six (6) divisions of play ranging from entry level competitive play in Division 5 to Premier.

Other league activities include charitable tennis tournaments and our Annual Awards Luncheon held at the beautiful Aberdeen Marina Club in May of each year. We hope you will consider becoming a part of the HKLTL by joining a team soon.

To learn more about joining or starting an HKLTL team, please contact us at joinHKLTL@gmail.com                                                                                   

Coronavirus and HKLTL Spring 2021 Season

Happy New Year. I hope you are all happy and healthy and finding ways to enjoy this gorgeous weather. 
I am sure that many of you have been thinking about the start of the Spring 2021 season. Sadly, and not surprisingly, we will not be able to play the scheduled January matches. All tennis courts continue to be closed and we have just learned they are closed for another two weeks, at least. 
As we did in September, we will need to postpone the January matches until later in the season. Hopefully, we will begin playing soon. 
Assuming we do manage to get up and running, I feel confident that we have plenty of time to finish the season, even if we start late. 
So for now, please be advised that all January matches will be postponed. 
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I am sure this not a surprise. 
Stay safe and healthy and hope to see you all on court soon. 
Warm Regards

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New Player Questionnaire

If you are new to the HKLTL or haven't played in the league within the last three (3) years, please complete our New Player Questionnaire (NPQ) via the Registration Forms link at the top of our webpage. You will also need to have one of the Coaches recommended by the HKLTL complete a Coach Assessment form available through our Registration Forms link as well as their contact details.  Thank you in advance for your full and complete disclosure of your tennis playing history which allows us to ensure competitive play within each of our divisions. We look forward to seeing you on the courts soon!


2019 Winners

Congratulations to our season 2019 winners!

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Hong Kong tennis friends.  We would love your help please! 

Recycle your plastic tennis ball can lids into prosthetic arms

The LRC tennis community has launched an exciting CSR initiative to collect tennis ball can plastic “lids”to be recycled into prosthetic arms for children around the world including Africa and Asia as well as other disability aids.

e-Nable is a global organisation who have developed a technology to 3D print prosthetic arms for children.

Envision is the Australian “chapter” of e-Nable  (based in Melbourne) who have developed a process to print the prosthetic arms from recycled Polyethylene. Envision are also developing processes to convert Low Density Polyethylene into disability aids. For example, they have developed a can opener and a clip which can be attached to wheeled-walkers to enable the elderly to clip walking sticks to the wheeled-walkers.

The LRC tennis community is supporting Envision by collecting number 4 tennis ball plastic lids, which means lids from all brands EXCEPT Head ie Dunlop, Slazenger, Wilson and Decathlon lids are all perfect. There will be a well labelled collection point by the Sports Desk and we encourage you to participate! 

More information on Envision’s work, in particular the conversion of beverage caps into prosthetic arms for children can be found at the following website https://envision.org.au/

You can drop the lids off at the LRC or give to Michele Windsor or Margurite Hess and we will arrange to get them to Australia.

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#humanitarian #csr #sustainability