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Welcome to the Hong Kong Ladies Tennis League (HKLTL)

The HKLTL is a non-profit organization comprised of women tennis players from private clubs and independent tennis team throughout Hong Kong. The league offers competitive doubles play in weekly matches during one full season in the year broken into two parts, fall running from September to December and spring running from January to April. There are six (6) divisions of play ranging from entry level competitive play in Division 5 to Premier.

Other league activities include charitable tennis tournaments and our Annual Awards Luncheon held at the beautiful Aberdeen Marina Club in May of each year. We hope you will consider becoming a part of the HKLTL by joining a team soon.

To learn more about joining or starting an HKLTL team, please contact us at joinHKLTL@gmail.com                                                                                   

In Light of The Latest Govenment Covid Policies

Jan 7, 2022

Dear Captains,    

Happy New Year, ladies.   

As you may be aware, the HK government has closed all sports/tennis facilities from January 7- January 21.     

As it is too early to make a decision about rescheduling matches and extending the season, the Committee asks that you remain patient while we monitor the situation.    

Thanks ladies,  

Stay safe!



End of Season Letter

Dear Captains
Congratulations on a great season of tennis! I was very impressed to see how the tennis community worked together to complete the season.
Sadly, we will not be having our traditional end of year luncheon, but we want to recognize our winning teams and we will be getting your awards to you as soon as possible. 
BIG CONGRATS to our winners:
Premier- HLY
Div 1- LRC Outlaws
Div 2- AC Chargers
Div 3- Terminetters
Div 4- Glam Slams
Div 5- Servivors

Congrats to our runner-ups:
Premier- Sunshine
Div 1- KRC Pink Panthers
Div 2- American Club
Div 3- LRC Hot Shots
Div 4- American Club
Div 5- DB SCOREgeous

And congrats to our Sportsmanship Winners:
Premier- Tai Po Circle
Div 1- KRC Pink Panthers
Div 2- CWB Spin and Slice and Royal M&M (tie)
Div 3- CWB Smashers
Div 4- Gold Coast Champagne Girls
Div 5- GC Servivors

The Committee met today to discuss end of season results. We are particularly excited to welcome 8 new teams across the League. 

As previously stated, we were looking to consolidate the league, making the divisions bigger and more competitive. With this in mind, we will be absorbing Division 5 into Division 4 and, with the addition of new teams, this means no end of season demotions.  
The division team lists will be posted on our website shortly. We are excited about this format and hope that everyone is able to enjoy an exciting season next year. 
FYI- our Captains' meeting will be via Zoom on September 6th. Time to be announced later. 
Thank you for a great season! 
Wishing you all a safe and healthy summer, whether it's here in Hong Kong, or somewhere abroad. 

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New Player Questionnaire

If you are new to the HKLTL or haven't played in the league within the last three (3) years, please complete our New Player Questionnaire (NPQ) via the Registration Forms link at the top of our webpage. You will also need to have one of the Coaches recommended by the HKLTL complete a Coach Assessment form available through our Registration Forms link as well as their contact details.  Thank you in advance for your full and complete disclosure of your tennis playing history which allows us to ensure competitive play within each of our divisions. We look forward to seeing you on the courts soon!


2020-2021 Winners

Congratulations to our season 2020-2021 winners!

DIVISION 2: AC Chargers
DIVISION 3: Terminetters 
DIVISION 4: Glam Slams 
DIVISION 5: Servivors

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