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Welcome to the Hong Kong Ladies Tennis League (HKLTL)

The HKLTL is a non-profit organization comprised of women tennis players from private clubs and independent tennis team throughout Hong Kong. The league offers competitive doubles play in weekly matches during one full season in the year broken into two parts, fall running from September to December and spring running from January to April. There are five (5) divisions of play ranging from entry level competitive play in Division 4 to Premier.

Other league activities include charitable tennis tournaments and our Annual Awards Luncheon held at the beautiful Aberdeen Marina Club in May of each year. We hope you will consider becoming a part of the HKLTL by joining a team soon.

To learn more about joining or starting an HKLTL team, please contact us at joinHKLTL@gmail.com                                                                                   

A Word from Our Chairperson

Dear Ladies,

Welcome to the HKLTL’s 40th anniversary and I am delighted to attach our Rule Book which includes a Hall of Fame celebrating past League Champions and Chairs of the HKLTL. Additionally, please save the date of 13 September 2022 for a 10am Zoom Captains’ Meeting (invitation to follow).

Reflecting on how far the HKLTL has come, in 1982 we started with just 25 teams playing in three divisions. For the season ahead, we have managed to register 47 teams across five divisions - almost double the number of teams that we started with. Despite the departure from Hong Kong of some of our players during our journey through Covid, most teams have managed to continue for the current season, albeit some with a reduced number of players. This is a testament to the determination of our ladies to field teams and play league tennis and I thank you for the tremendous commitment, loyalty and support that you have shown to the HKLTL by ensuring the continuity of your teams.

As your incoming Chair, it is my pleasure to share some thoughts on areas we should all be focusing on for the season ahead as we emerge from Covid. 

A return to business as usual!

It is my sincere hope that the HKLTL can resume the social activities and fundraising that accompany our league competitions, which both promote fellowship between our members and enable us to make a societal contribution. We are currently looking for a new Social Coordinator to join the Committee so please contact your Division Representative if you or your team mates are interested.

Maximizing our enjoyment of the on-court experience

I would like us all to refocus on the weekly league matches being a celebration of tennis where we all do our utmost to promote good sportsmanship, collegiality within our teams, and fellowship with our competitors. In particular, Captains are encouraged to ensure the sportsmanlike behaviour of their teammates and to bring calm and common-sense resolution to any incidents which arise.

In the spirit of making matches more enjoyable, I am enclosing an updated Guide to Managing and Avoiding Disputes.

Bringing fun and competitive league tennis to the maximum number of ladies in Hong Kong

It is at the heart of the HKLTL core values to bring the opportunity to play league tennis to as many ladies as possible in Hong Kong, thereby swelling our numbers of teams and players.

As mentioned above, some teams have fewer registered players than previously and (where necessary) I encourage all members to rally around their Captains in rebuilding team numbers. With Covid heralding flexible working practices, it is my hope that joining an HKLTL team might be more realistic for at least some women in the workforce.

You can be assured of my commitment to the continued smooth running of the HKLTL and to keep a watchful eye on the need for any improvements. Wishing you all a wonderful season of tennis!

Kind regards
Alison Whalley

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New Player Questionnaire

If you are new to the HKLTL or haven't played in the league within the last three (3) years, please complete our New Player Questionnaire (NPQ) via the Registration Forms link at the top of our webpage. You will also need to have one of the Coaches recommended by the HKLTL complete a Coach Assessment form available through our Registration Forms link as well as their contact details.  Thank you in advance for your full and complete disclosure of your tennis playing history which allows us to ensure competitive play within each of our divisions. We look forward to seeing you on the courts soon!


2021-2022 Winners

Congratulations to our season 2021-2022 winners!

DIVISION 1: HLY Long Shots
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DIVISION 4: CWB Diamonds 

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